Our dedication to quality has earned us a stamp of reliability in the industry.


We have a proven track record in the industry for delivering products on time.


Customer satisfaction and delight is our primary objective at Gentex Apparel Sourcing.

About Us

We are a global network that brings people, organizations, and innovative ideas together. We make textile sourcing smarter, transparent, and more sustainable. We translate conceptual ideas of our customers into reality and shape them through our technical bent and professional acumen. The team here strongly believes that Customer satisfaction is the essence of business today. Gentex Apparel Sourcing has the technology with expertise, products with knowledge and most importantly the right mindset to achieve total customer satisfaction.We connect all players in the textile value chain. But our purpose goes further than that.

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Why Choose us?

Customer Service

We like to treat each of our clients as friends, going out of our way to ensure you get the best product.

Quality Control System

We take quality control seriously, we often check our garments at several stages during production.

Local Industry

We are one of the few remaining local suppliers that still creates and supports textile manufacturing.

Top Quality Products

We always achieve customer’s trust and satisfaction because our products are manufactured with international standarad quality.

Client testimonials says

we are blessed to work with leading brands and companies

Gentex Apparel Factories Compliance Achievements

We have got very dynamic experience Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability team who ensure maximum compliances and work safety in all of our factories.

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